Facilities Use


The policy for management of this facility is intended to ensure orderly access by first, the church program of ministries; second, members of the church; third, regular attenders; and finally, the broader Christian community and our local community.  Fees may be assessed in certain instances to cover full or partial expenses of an event.

When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

  • This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people.  Use it joyfully for His glory, but do your best to take care of it.
  • When you are done using the building, remember that others will follow who also want to use it to minister to people.  Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in to do a ministry!


1.  Complete our Building Use / Event Request Form:   Click Here

2.  Download Building Use Policy + Worksheet 2017

3.  Read and Agree to our Building Use Policy:  Click Here

4.  If your event is non-church related, print and fill out this form:  Click Here

5.  Please read our Schedule of Building Use Fees:  Click Here

Questions:  Please contact Jennifer Stewart at communications@cectx.org